Teen Survival Camps

Need a great father and son experience?

Would like your son to learn survival and man up?

Do you want him to improve his confidence?

Then this the experience you are looking for! Working with teens is great for us, we focus in developing their confidence by challenging them in the safe way, by putting them in situations outside their safety zone. We evaluated each student to work on his weakness in order to help him overcome the challenges of the jungle.

Under close supervision from our staff you can experience the jungle and have a great time with your children, or teach a group of teens about teamwork.

Join us for a week of structured learning and edge-pushing experiences, designed as a survival challenge for teens.

Content will include:

  • Fire-making.
  • Rope-making.
  • Shelter-Making.
  • Primitive Cooking.
  • Fishing and cooking your own meals.
  • Scouting and tracking.
  • Overnight experience.
  • Water procurement & purification.