Costa Rica offers lots of other tours and activities that we can arrange to make your trip complete. Any of your clients like to enjoy the beaches of Costa Rica or spend time during a variety of tours once they have finished their survival experience.

Our most common tours are listed below:


The Canopy zip line is a great way to explore the nature and beauty of Costa Rica’s secondary rainforest. During the tour, you will traverse down a series of platforms and cables reaching speeds of 40 mph. This tour is exciting and safe for the entire family and also provides a great opportunity to bond with family members and meet new people. It is also a great opportunity to overcome certain fears one may possess. The duration of this tour is 2.5 hours door to door.


Experience an adrenaline pumping, exciting and challenging outdoor adventure into the rainforest, as you climb past several great look out points where one can observe spectacular views of some of Costa Rica’s most popular beaches and surrounding areas.

Arenal Volcano

The Arenal volcano soars 1,635 meters high and is bordered by dense rain forest and natural hot springs. The volcano rests near the town of La Fortuna where you will find several restaurants, boutique stores and souvenir shops. The last big explosion was in July of 1968! Since then, the volcano has been active, but it has been displaying fewer eruptions than previous years. On any given day, you will see smoke and ash escaping from the tip of its magnificent cone. If you are lucky, you will see an occasional red rock eruption. If that does not grab your attention, then perhaps the thunderous roars will. The Tabacon Hot Springs offers an amazing combination of lush green landscape and thermal hot springs. This property displays a relaxing blend of rainforest elements that many be described as “total paradise”. The grounds are absolutely magnificent, full of energy, tranquility and breathtaking scenery! You will not want to leave the Tabacon Resort!

Transfers Services

Jungle Survival Adventures offers transportation services from anywhere to anywhere in Costa Rica. Please let us know your route and we will help get the best deal. We will receive your inquiry and email you with a quote.