Costa Rica is one of the worlds most pristine destinations for tourism and adventure. Its untouched jungles make the area ideal for survival training, providing a realistic scenario. Rest assure that during your training your will be safe and taking care off by our instructors and staff.

It’s the jungle and you can expect a certain amount of dangers like snakes, bullet ants and other creatures. During the exercise will set the ground rules in other to avoid theses uncommon dangers, we never let students scout on their own or go out at night time. Theirs always an instructor on point paying close attention to what participants are doing. Our company has never experience an incident in its history.

Anyone can enjoy the jungle and we can tailor each adventure to make it unique. Do don’t need experience in survival to learn. We teach people of all ages , beginners as well as survival experts. Plus you don’t need to be in top physical shape.

Yes. We do other activities like sports fishing, photo safaris, medical missions. In Costa Rica after the jungle we welcome you to try other tours like canopy, atv, white water rafting and much more.

During our time in the jungle we can do our best to life of the land, however we carry extra food and fuel supplies to keep everybody properly feed.

We travel from San Jose (the Capital) into our training areas, located all around the country. Depending on the type of course travel can vary from 2.5 hours to 6 hours. During these trips students get to see a lot of countrys landscape.

We have a complete gear list available once you booked a course. We also have extra gear in case you can’t get some gear in short notice.