Do you have the need to challenge yourself and your employees?

Are you looking for the next challenge and take your resolved to the next level?

Could members of your company unit benefit from jungle survival training?

Does your staff work in challenging environments where knowledge of survival skills could save their lives?

Do you have the need to challenge yourself and your employees?

We have provided survival training for corporations ranging from Hewlett Packard to several Costa Rican Government Agencies, and can train your staff in developing the survival skills needed to help cope with the jungle and adverse weather conditions.

Our Corporate Jungle Survival Training courses are ideal for Companies looking to improve their teams functioning and effectiveness, we will train your team during the first stage of the exercise developing the basic skills needed to face the final challenge. After initial training your team will be on their own in the jungle under close supervision from our instructors and staff, were they will meet the challenges of making shelter, fire, procuring water and food, surviving as a team.

After the challenge is has being completed we will head out of the jungle and enjoy a well-deserved meal, hot shower, plus a variety of fun activities, yours and resorts in Costa Rica.

For more information on prices please contact us, we can tailor your trip to your needs and budget.