Are up to the challenge? This advance jungle survival expeditions is held in the jungles of Southern Nicaragua, located in the biggest rainforest next to the Amazon the Rio Indio Maiz World Heritage Park (1600 square miles), untouched by man, filled with wildlife and lots of challenges for those seeking the ultimate jungle survival adventure. During this course you will have the unique experience of training with the local Rama Indians who had survived in the jungle for generations. You will be privileged to learn their skills and ways in the jungle. Our school has exclusive access to this vast jungle, given a truly realistic and wild experience. 


Day 1
Arrival at San Jose. Transfer to Hotel.Night in San Jose.

Day 2
Transfer to by van and boat into Nicaragua to San Juan.

Night at San Juan. Briefing and meet the instructors.

Days 3, 4 & 5.

Insertion by boat in the Jungle. Full day of Jungle Survival Training.

Location San Juanillo River.

Topics to be covered:
Water procurement: Water vines and water from royal palm fruit.
Shelter making – Swamp bed.
Fire making in the jungle. Bow drill in the jungle.
Using bamboo for cookware.
Proper machete handling. Learn to proper handle and care for the most important tool in jungle survival.
Food gathering (fishing and harvesting fruit and edibles).
Cordage in the jungle.
Using bamboo for cookware.

Days 5, 6 & 7.

Full day of Jungle Survival Training. . Location Silico Lake to Mysterioso River.

(During these days we will hike about 3.6 km for shorts periods of time to different

camp locations from Lake Silico to the Mysterioso River).

Topics to be covered:
Fire making in the jungle bamboo fire saw.
Food gathering (fishing and harvesting fruit and edibles).
Shelter making jungle hut.
Proper tree climbing in the jungle.
Tracking in the Jungle. Identifying tracks and tracking animals (wild peccary,

jaguar, paca, etc.).
Jungle Hygiene. (Learn the best methods to stay healthy and clean in the environment).

Learn how not to get handicapped and avoid injures from terrain, weather, etc.

Proper waste disposal.

Day 8.
Extraction by boat back to San Juan. Night at San Juan. Debriefing and Awards.

Day 9.
Early transfer by boat and van back to San Jose, Costa Rica from Nicaragua.
Night at San Jose.

Day 10.
Transfer Out to Airport. Fly out to US.

Price per person $1725.00
If you will like to do this expedition in less or more days.
Please send us an e-mail for quote.

Please e-mail us for our recommended gear list.

What’s included?

All meals and logding at San Juan, Nicaragua.
All ground, boat and air transfers.
Nights in San Jose.
Transfers back and from the Airport.
All transfers to training areas in the jungle.
Local Rama Indian guides.

Price does not included:
Meals and drinks in San Jose.
Drinks at San Juan.
Visas into Nicaragua ($17 total per person).
Airport departure Tax from Costa Rica ($29).
Tips to Staff.